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What thread count is the Koa Cover?

The Koa cover has a 200 thread count. But, more importantly, they are 200 of the softest and most breathable threads you can purchase. Our extensive research led us to select the finest percale cotton, what’s more, it’s entirely chemical-free and garment washed for a super-soft finish.

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What material is the Koa Cover made from?

Koa is made from 100% natural cotton and has a percale weave.

Cotton with a percale weave is great for long-lasting softness, and gets even softer after each wash.

We’ve also selected a fabric that’s Standard 100 OEKO Tex certified which ensures our fabric follows strict guidelines and is free from harmful chemicals.


Relaxed Cotton

For extra softness, all our cotton fabric is put through an industrial tumbling process. We love the textured, relaxed finish and best of all, it requires no ironing!

Prefer crisp sheets? No worries, feel free to break out the iron, use a warm setting and iron as usual.



Is the zipper comfortable?

Absolutely. Koa’s zipper has been specifically designed to be so soft that you won’t even notice it’s there. The extra fabric flap discreetly hides the zipper so you won’t see it either. We've also designed a fabric zipper pull that's soft, reliable and easy to use.

For the zip connoisseurs, Koa has a soft, custom-made reversed zipper coil.


Tips, Tricks & Care.

Folded Flap?

Occasionally the flap of the zipper can become creased and not sit flat. Fortunately this can easily be rectified by reshaping the flap whilst wet. For best results:

  1. Make sure to wash the Koa cover zip closed and remove promptly when finished.
  2. Reshape and straighten the zipper flap whilst wet.
  3. Air drying will provide the best results and also preserve the fabric
  4. If tumble drying, remove promptly or before the cycle finishes to prevent the cover getting creased at the bottom of the drum.

Care Instructions

  1. Make sure to keep zippers closed when washing and drying.
  2. As the Koa cover is designed for a relaxed look, we recommend line drying and no ironing to best preserve the relaxed aesthetic and fabric.
  3. Machine wash on a warm cycle with similar colours.
  4. If using a dryer, select a low heat setting and remove promptly.
  5. If using an iron, use a warm iron setting.




UK King - Width 225cm x Height 220cm (88.6in x 86.6in)

UK Double - Width 200cm x Height 200cm (78.7in x 78.7in)

UK Super King Width 260cm x Height 220cm (102.4x86.6in)


UK Standard - Width 75cm x Height 50cm (29.5in x 19.7in)

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