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About Us

We’re an inventive bedding company, creating delightful solutions to overlooked problems.

Why did we create Koa?

As product designers, we've always believed in creating more than just aesthetically pleasing items. Our aim is to innovate, to solve problems and create those 'why didn't I think of that?' moments. Koa was born from this ethos, a business that represents our dream to design and deliver game-changing products that reinvent the everyday.

We both became fathers in the last year which has  deepened our understanding (and appreciation) of one of life's most precious commodities: sleep. We’ve channelled our expertise into alleviating daily frustrations and setting a new standard in home comfort. We believe in better sleep and ensuring our customers wake up feeling refreshed every morning.

Image: Luke and Ben winning the Design Councils Innovation Award

We think the little things are really the big things. And we believe that even the most mundane moments can be lifted through clever, thoughtful design.

Our production partners

Starting our own business allowed us to create products that align with our values and expectations and for each product we develop, we engage in a rigorous supplier selection process. Currently we produce our products in Guimarães, Portugal and Hangzhou, China. Aside from being known for the world’s best bedding, we chose these regions and our production partners for multiple reasons.

Quality - Our production partners and their suppliers produce quality, long lasting bedding made from the best materials. Investing this way means we’re designing products that last, resulting in great quality products for you and reducing our throwaway culture.

Sustainability -  We collaborate closely with our suppliers to meticulously choose each material for its performance, durability, and environmental impact. We prefer natural materials when feasible, such as 100% premium cotton for our duvet covers, pillowcases, and pillow shells, and 100% paper packaging for the Koa Cover.

In instances where synthetic materials offer significantly better performance and longevity than natural alternatives, we opt for them. An example is the premium polyester cluster-fibers used in our Koa Pillow, known for their enduring support and comfort. We are constantly striving, alongside our partners, to achieve the goal of using natural OR 100% recycled synthetic material in our products, production processes, and packaging. Additionally, our partners' facilities are Oeko-Tex certified, ensuring that no harmful chemicals are used in the production of the Koa Cover.


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Luke on a sourcing trip in Portugal

Ben on our Kickstarter Photoshoot