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About Us.

We’re an inventive bedding company, creating delightful solutions to overlooked problems.


"We think the little things are really the big things. And we believe that even the most mundane moments can be lifted through clever, thoughtful design. By reinventing accepted chores, we can really make people’s day."


Ben & Luke - Koa Co-Founders


Why did we create Koa?

We’re both product designers and always have been. Not just in our careers, but right back into our childhoods. Luke would make intricate mechanical go-karts and Ben spent his weekends building a three-tier treehouse. 

There are many different types of product designers, but we are both hands-on makers who love ideas. For us, it’s not enough to make beautiful products. They need to solve a problem and be inventive too. 

There is something extra rewarding about improving the products people use every day. The biggest compliment we can receive is when someone says ‘that is so obvious, why has no one thought of it before?’. 

We’ve designed products for world renowned brands in many industries. Koa is the start of our dream to launch our own brand and develop products that solve everyday frustrations so well that they become the new normal in peoples homes.


Why bedding?

We start a project by looking for problems to solve. Waiting for that moment when you realise a daily frustration doesn’t have to exist.

Inspiration struck when we found out Luke’s Grandma could no longer fit a duvet cover. She was having to get her daughter to do it for her. But it’s not just Luke’s gran. Our research showed us that changing the sheets is one of the most hated chores we all have to do!

Bedlinen is a category that has remain unchanged in decades, if you take a walk through the bedding aisle, the only glimmer of creativity you’ll see is in the colour and fabric. Talk about stale bedsheets! We’ve made it our aim to make fresh sheets easier for everyone.


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