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About Us.

We’re an inventive bedding company, creating delightful solutions to overlooked problems.

"We think the little things are really the big things. And we believe that even the most mundane moments can be lifted through clever, thoughtful design. By reinventing accepted chores, we can really make people’s day."

Luke on a sourcing trip in Portugal

Hi we're Koa,

We're two designers from London who have been on a journey to put an end to the faff which gets between you and fresh sheets. We’re promising more of those blissful moments when you slip into a freshly made bed, without the nightmare of wrestling with your clean sheets first. 

In 2018, hand stitching fabric together, we started to explore the concept of an easy-change duvet cover and after prototyping with a clothing factory in New Zealand (Ben’s home at the time) we began to see the potential of the idea. We went on a two year journey, refining the design, finding the perfect production partners, and searching for the best fabric for the Koa Cover.

Ben on our Kickstarter Photoshoot

Whilst problem solving was where our journey on the Koa Cover began, we’ve also considered and crafted every detail to deliver beautiful products that will make any bedroom feel inviting and delightful. 

The Koa Cover won the Design Council’s Innovation Award, Spark, and we launched on Kickstarter in 2020. With the help of over five hundred pre-orders, we put the Koa cover into production and launched this online store.

We have grand plans to expand our range with new problem solving bedding products, all designed and made with the same love.

Ben & Luke

Our Production Partners

Crafted in Portugal.

Starting our own business meant we could produce products in line with our values and expectations. For 12 months we met with and vetted factories from across the globe, eventually settling on a small factory in the Guimarães region of Portugal. Aside from being known as the home of the world’s best bedding, we chose Guimarães and our production partners for multiple reasons.

Quality - Our production partners and their suppliers produce quality, long lasting bedding made from the best materials. Investing this way means we’re designing products that last, resulting in great quality products for you and reducing our throwaway culture.

Sustainability - The Koa Cover is made from 100% natural cotton and our production partners share our values in sustainability. This has included helping us remove any plastic packaging in the supply chain from the factory to your door and together we strive to continue to make our production more sustainable. 

Our partners and their facilities are Oeko Tex certified. This means that no harmful chemicals were used in the production of the Koa Cover.

Location - Fortunately for us, the home of the worlds best bedding in Portugal is just a short trip from Koa HQ in London. This has enabled regular visits to walk the factory floors, meet the craftsmen and women behind the product and build a strong relationship with our partners to ensure quality products and a shared vision. 

Aside from allowing us to visit more frequently, a close location to the UK means a reduction in emissions and waste compared to shipping from other textile producing regions.

Better for everyone.

We believe good design should be inclusive and the Koa Cover was designed to make fresh sheets easier for everyone. We’ve had great feedback from people that had found changing the bed extremely challenging or impossible, and the Koa Cover has provided independence where users previously had to rely on others.

We would love to hear your feedback if our sheets have helped you make the bed.

Winners of The Design Council Innovation Award

Check out the Koa Cover.

Fresh sheets without the faff.