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The Koa Pillow

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Sleep Soundly, Rise Refreshed.

Koa's unique three-panel design pairs adjustable support with unparalleled washability that cleans and rejuvenates the filling for lasting bounce and a cleaner, fresher sleep.

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Why the Koa Pillow is a game-changer in comfort

Perfect height and support

Create your perfect pillow. All panels can be added or removed with simple, slimline poppers.

1 to 2 Panels - Designed for those who:
• Sleep on their stomach or back
• Have a slender to medium frame
• Are fans of a lower pillow

2 to 3 Panels - Designed for those who:
• Sleep on their side
• Have a larger frame
• Love a taller pillow

Unique refreshable design

Say goodbye to grubby, odor-trapping pillows and hello to fresh, clean sleep. Designed for the washing machine, the Koa Pillow features a unique folding design that enables an unparalleled deep clean, washing the inner fibers 10 times more effectively.

Pressed for time? Just unfold and air out to dispel moisture and neutralise odors.

Rejuvenating fill

Our bounce-back fill dries in a snap and each machine wash rejuvenates its supportive structure, ensuring comfort and support night after night.

Stay comfy and cool

Our premium fill is created from loose, clustered ball fibres, providing luxurious, down-like support and breathability. Moulding to your head and body the Koa Pillow will keep you cool and comfortable all night long.

• Washable
• Re-fluffable
• Hypoallergenic
• Doesn't clump
• Doesn't trap heat

Perfection in the details

Quick Drying

With a built-in hanging loop, the breathable filling combined with the unique three-panel design ensures rapid drying.


Featuring internal compartments, the Koa Pillow maintains even fill distribution for consistent, comfortable support.

Premium Craftmanship

Double stitched seams and premium materials for long lasting durability and comfort.

The Koa Pillow - Rise Refreshed

How it works

The Koa Pillow

Squeaky Clean & Bouncy

When machine washing, Koa’s unique design allows for water to infiltrate and wash through all the filling, cleaning 10x more effectively and regaining it's bounce.

✅ Clean, fresh sleep

✅ Rejuvenating, bounce back fill

✅ Clearer skin

✅ Lasting bounce

✅ A Longer life

Standard Pillow

Trapped filth and flat

Machine washing is only capable of effectively penetrating 3cm~ into the fill of a traditional pillow. This leaves behind filth from dust mites, sweat, bacteria and body oils.

❌ Odors

❌ Stains

❌ Allergies

❌ Pillow clumping

❌ Acne causing bacteria

Sleep your best night so you can live your best life

Wake up & feel your best! - 73% of people sleep better on clean bedding - National Sleep Foundation

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